About Me

Hi! I'm Alexis Fitzpatrick. I started to learn to code about a year ago and this website is my first published website entirely coded by myself. I have a wordpress blog that I'll eventually relaunch on my own.

My bachelor's degree is in Mechanical Engineering and I've been working in Aerospace, specializing in Composite Materials and Processes, for 9 years now. I love it and expect to keep doing what I'm doing for a very long time. But on the side, I'm very crafty and love to learn new things. I knit, sew, do hardanger, make jewelry, do papercrafts and now I'm coding, which is just as creative, if not more so.

I started to learn programming with a desire to better manage my test data and was directed toward Python. I learned the basics and went to my first PyCon in Portland in 2016 and there I met up with Django and turned my interest to web development. I didn't get to attend the DjangoGirls event there, but I ran through their tutorial on my own to start this site and I'm continuing my eduction with HTML, CSS, Python, and Django using online resources and local and remote meetups.

This year I'm volunteering to help organise DjangoCon in Spokane, my current home city! I'm proud to have been the the one to notice the call for proposals and I got a local tech group to propose Spokane as their location and we got it! I hope all the DjangoCon atendees love Spokane as much as I do!

In what little free time I have between work, crafting, reading, volunteering and learning to code, I run! I'm also getting into triathalons. I finished my first sprint tri last summer and joined two tri teams this year and have already registered for three triathalons this year.