Tutorial Review: CodeAcademy HTML and CSS

Sept. 11, 2016, 10:42 a.m.

I love CodeAcademy's tutorials. I love the way they move through one subject at a time, explaining it and applying it as you go. This tutorial covered basic CSS and HTML.

In this tutorial you build a few simple pages, starting with the basic HTML structure of a page, what tags are, and how to comment your code before moving on to styling with fonts and colors. Using only HTML, you'll create a basic page with photos and links, a social profile page, and learn how to make photo albums with tables and clickable photos.

Once you have the basics of HTML down, they introduce CSS and show you how to make buttons, define selectors, and position elements. You'll create a little friend sorting social page using classes, ids, and divs.

The final project of this tutorial is a basic resume. They take you through step by step through laying out your content, identifying your divs, and applying CSS to control sizing, colors, and locations.

After finishing this tutorial, I applied a fixed header to this site.

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