Tutorial Review: CodeAcademy Python

July 26, 2016, 4:26 p.m.

I finally finished the Python Course on Codeacademy! I started it a while ago as a way to kill time on breaks at work and to practice typing out the code. I had already started to learn some python through a Coursera course offered by Rice University. I got hung up on the binary math section, so I set it aside for a while. I actually started and finished a few other tutorials in the mean time. But once I broke through my mental block, the rest of the course was pretty clear and simple.

What I like about CodeAcademy in general:
The modules are short, I can usually cover at least one subject during a 15 minute break. It's good for my short attention span. The typing and syntax practice is helpful, I am a very sloppy typist and heavily rely on auto-correct in emails and in word documents. I really need to improve my typing skills.

What I don't like: Sometimes it's buggy and rejects your code for no apparent reason. Usually when this happens, I refresh the browser or close the browser and start over again a few times to make sure I really am not missing a simple typo or comma. Luckily, each segment of the lesson has a decent Q&A linked and most of the times, other users had the same problem I had and someone else had a solution.

What I liked about the Python course: The course jumps in pretty quickly, getting to real examples right away with print statements, math, if/else statements, functions, and classes. The course finishes with opening other files to pull data, which is exactly what I want to do with Python.

What I didn't like: Umm, not much.

Overall, it's a pretty great intro to the python language. It covers a pretty wide base, so that when I use python in other applications, like Django, I'm at least familiar with Python conventions.

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